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12/00 to 03/01

Potentially the World’s Fastest Internet Traffic Router

The new millennium has brought with it an explosion in the use of the Internet. With 165 million users world-wide, three million web sites, and the number of web pages increasing by 300,000 each week, its growth continues to be phenomenal.

Today we can carry out a range of activities online and the amount of data being sent through the core of the Internet continues to grow at 1000 per cent a year.
But there is little point in having these services if the routers become so overloaded that the Internet becomes gridlocked.

Roke has developed the solution:
Ripcore - capable of transmitting 1.3 petabits of data per second, or the equivalent of sending all of the information in America's libraries over the Internet in just two seconds.

It is the unique combination of optical technology with a new type of traffic management and routing architecture which makes Ripcore revolutionary. Roke engineers have combined their expert knowledge in Internet traffic management, packet processing routing and optics to develop Ripcore.